This is Gary at his radio.

The winter antennas: MP33N on a 50ft crank up tower and a 33ft vertical for 40m
CU2JT Radio Station

The station is a Elecraft K3, back up is Kenwood TS-570D and an IC706MKiiG in the car. Also an ACOM-1000 amplifier backed up with an Ameritron AL-811. Antenna tuner is the Palstar AT2K.
Antennas are the Mosley MP-33N for 10/15/20M, a 2 x 66ft inverted vee fed with a 600 ohms ladder. The 6m yagi is a 6M3 on a separate mast and rotator.

In May, 2009, about 38,000 QSO are logged from CU2JT.

My QSL card. I use my logging program to produce QSL cards. They are printed on cartoon paper on my laser printer and I only have to sign the, All information is fetched from the database.

This is a screen dump of the CU2JT logger. It has been developed over a couple of years and can do most of what you want from a logger:

The logger is constantly refined and has been used in regular QSO:s as well as hundreds of contests since the start in August, 2004.

Built in online link to and DXscape web cluster.

  • Works with MS Access or MS SQL Server databases
  • Import and export ADIF files
  • Produce contest logs in Cabrillo format
  • Log searches on callsigns (full or part of), dates and times, operator names, QTH
  • Convert miles/kilometers and centigrade/Fahrenheit
  • Print out QSL cards
  • Handle most of the major contests, including QTC handling in the WAEDC contest.
  • Built in digital modes BPSK31, RTTY and MFSK with MACRO handling